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[rel] Blured Worlds Part II

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What is feedback afterall? I mean, i see the number of download of the pack, and few comments. For bad talented artits, any comments is apreciated. So what means massive download without any comments from downloaders? I know that its just wallpapers hm, without feedbacks how can i judge if those pack is good or not ?

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You measure the feedback by the number of thanks you get and how people respond to your walls (and the lack of pyn's OMFG IT SUXORZ post), this is a customizing forum, as such people are intrested in the walls looking nice, not the artistic technique/style. Deviant art or a similar art forum would be a better place to recieve the feedback you are seeking.

Personally, I think some are rather nice, jpg# 4 would be my favorite, its soft and has a good color harmony, jpg#8 however, has too much contrast and the large black area towards the bottom bothers me. I'd also try varying your method of creating these walls, maybe put them through a different filters or change the settings so they don't all look the same, as jpg#3and jpg#4 and jpeg#10 look almost identical. I would also pay more attention to the colors you choose at the initial creation (before filters/mods), but thats a personal preferance.

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agon , i will not include myself in the list , but you are recieving comments from (in my opinion) some of the coolest desktops modders in the world , aqua soft, is actually the best place to find awosome stuff for desks.

the only sad and horrible thing is the MODS ... well thats off topic so , personal opinion for you agon and you walls.

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