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May Desktop Thread

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Would you and the rest of the guys that have been posting desk shot with this wallpaper PLEASE stop posting your desk shot with this rip of my wallpaper that has NOT being released yet damn it... Dont know how many times i gotta post this. Please wait for its damn release with the full package ive been plannign to release with Kidrocky.

Thank you.

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Guest chepillin
Desktop 1

Desktop 2

^Literally my desktop (workstation)

I had those speakers in the past. I recommend you to move them away from your monitor, make them go to the corners of the room directed towards you... it sounds nicer (ambient)

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I posted this desk on 2347 Hrs on 30'th April.. and oh no!... within next few mins all "April Desk Threads" deleted 'coz April ended :( and most of my friends mised it :(

So I think this shot shud considered for "May Desktops"??


Last one for the month... [only 13 mins left to say goodbye to April (IST: Indian Standard Time GMT+5:30)... next month I'm having finals from 16 so will be http:404 for some time]



it was you...





Click 2 see full screen | Details on dA | Full view size = 168 KB



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