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[Release] MiniBar Remote for Foobar2k and Winamp


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since you designed this, i thought you may know the answer to my question... right now i use both foobar and itunes, not at the same time obviously, but still... with that, I have editted configs of Aero by CRNI to accomodate both programs. Do you know of a way to lauch the program specific config when i launch the respected program. >> when i launch itunes, i want my aero_itunes config to launch and then when i close itunes and then open foobar, i want the aero_foobar config to launch... thanks

btw... i like both of your remotes, i just happen to have crni's running...

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hey thanks... i had no idea how to accomplish this but thanks to various forums and sites i got it working... its perfect for what i wanted.. now if i could get y'z dock to recognize that itunes is in fact open, lighting up the bat file's icon in the dock, it'd be gravy..

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