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[release] DeskPhoto

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DeskPhoto is another alternative to show random pictures in a frame.

This is the first release (alpha stage).

If you'd like to make a nice frame, please contact me!

Some invisible buttons that you should know:

To Exit: double click anyware in the frame area (not picture area).

Options: click the upper left side of the picture area.

Change picture: click the middle part of the picture area.






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What you can do right now: delete all DeskPhoto files and all DeskPhoto registry entries (HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareDeskPhoto). NOTE: DON'T TRY TO DELETE ANY KEY FROM REGISTRY IF YOU ARE NOT SURE HOW TO DO IT. Reinstall and start the program again.

In addition, I will release (soon) a version with an error handler so we'll be able to know what is happening.

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DeskPhoto Alpha 6 was released today (24 Apr 2005):

Total control over picture area (top, left, height and width)*

Transition effect added (top to bottom and left to right)

Some improvements

Some bugs fixed

Readme.txt updated

(*) This feature is experimental.

Thank you all for your great feedback!

By the way, if you have a nice frame and configuration, please share with us!



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This is getting better and better! One problem... I made the image 640 by 480, and made a frame with that size opening. Apparently the program only allows a certain maximum size frame, cutting off anything beyond that. Rather than having frame sizes of "Big... Medium... Small...", etc., you could have "Original size... 75%... 50%..." and so on. Pardon me if I'm missing some key issue here...

Also, it would be nice if a portion of the image could be used to drag the whole thing around, rather than just the frame, so a transparent frame could be used (or the option to have no frame at all).

Great work!


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even though i really, really like the whole idea and how this app works i must say that at 11mb of RAM it's just a RAM sucker. As much as i'd like to use it full time i'll have to pass till its RAM usage falls significantly.

But for now it's a great job and i'll be sure to test the new versions as they come out.

P4 2.66 Ghz, 512Mb of DDR 333 RAM, ATi Mobility Radeon 9000 w 64mb of RAM

WinXP Pro, SP1

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