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[WIP] MiniBar Media Controller Widget


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[WIP] MiniBar Media Controller Widget


This is what I have been working on since the past couple of days. It is a media controller widget based on Samurize, with the following features :

Players supported : Winamp and Foobar (control and status display), Windows Media Player (status display only, no controlling)

Variations : Milk and Aero

Orientations : Vertical and Horizontal

I had to squash the Album Art a bit so that it would fit in a small footprint design and this was not an easy decision to make, but I wanted to have a small widget which looks good rather than a bloated one which takes up too much precious on-screen real estate.

It will be user and mewbie-friendly, utilising only the base install of Samurize with no added plugins or scripts required. Everything necessary will be included in the box and you can be up and running with a minimum of fuss in 10 seconds or so.

It's almost done - the configs and graphics are ready and I just need to add the buttons for switching modes now. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated so that I can refine the design further. If all goes well, it should be out by this weekend ;)

More : [here]

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Thank you for your interest :)

Just a quick update : As per the suggestions at Aerosoft which matched my original design, the Album Art has now been separated and will be a larger popup.

It was being squashed too much to accomodate it into the bar, whether vertical or horizontal. I'm doing the readmes now and it should be out tomorrow if all goes well ;)

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