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I don't know a shell command to access "search". But you could download "AquaFindFile[1].zip" (Aqua find file) and link it to the installed proggy. I can't remember where I downloaded it from. Any prob's finding it, I'll upload it for you.

B.t.w - It looks more Aqua-ish than Explorer's search/find. ;)


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I found this over at the DT2 forums. It answered my question and it works like a charm. Hope this helps anyone else who was interested:

personally i just like hitting f3 :) but if you must:

stolen right from virtual plastic...

Using a script. Create a new textfile and enter these lines:

Dim objShell

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")


Save and rename the file to find.vbs. Now simply link to the file with the applauncher or a regular shortcut. If you can't link to specific files, try this command line: "wscript.exe x:\path\find.vbs".

here are some more fun ones to try:

Using the same syntax as the find.vbs file above you could link to some other hidden ui functions, just replace the .FindFiles at the end by any of these :


Cascades all of the windows on the desktop.


Opens a control panel item, replace applet by the file name (*.cpl).


Explores a folder.


Displays the Run dialog.


Displays the Find: Computer dialog box.


Displays the Find: Files dialog box.


Displays Windows Help.


Minimizes all of the windows on the desktop.


Restores all of the windows.


Displays the Date/Time Properties dialog box.


Displays the Shut Down Windows dialog box.


Suspends the computer.


Tiles all of the windows on the desktop horizontally.


Tiles all of the windows on the desktop vertically.


Displays the Ta

skbar Properties dialog box.

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here's how I did it when I first got mobydock. You know how it is in the start panel right? If you drag it off the start panel with the right mouse button it lets you create a shortcut, stick that shortcut into a shortcut folder somewhere and make as shortcut to that. It worked for me.

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