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[Release] Safari fx 1.0 Preview Release

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Safari fx 1.0 Preview Release

for Firefox 1.0.4

The theme was updated: 2005-05-23


Eric Chu - mod aquarius2003's Pixelperfect 0.2

Thanks for:

aquarius2003 http://aquarius2003.deviantart.com/

Hills Roppongi http://hills-roppongi.deviantart.com/

Some icons Safari default Copyright © Apple Computer, Inc.


1. Install Safari_fx_1.0_Preview_Release.jar.

2. Install Compact_Menu_1.7.2.1.xpi and Fusion_0.6.1.xpi.

3. Close Firerfox, Put browser.jar and help.jar in Program FilesMozilla Firefoxchrome.

4. Startup Firerfox, Enjoy...

browser.jar is ONLY FOR Firefox 1.0.4


Support Forums: http://forums.mozine.org/

Download here: http://forums.mozine.org/index.php?showtopic=33

or http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/18768255/


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gosh thank u for bringing finally the mods i really wanted -

great is the fusion extension - wow - i was looking for this - thank u so much - i really missed it -

and there are no probs at all i do have with hills themes - messed up icons aso.

but one question - how do i get the "stop load" buttom to be there allthe time , cause he cahnges withe the reload buttom which is ok but ,......-

so far - i´ll check more .....

grazie mille

and how cool the google search bar with more possibilities............wow

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@sithan-yeah the fusion extension just does this - the progress bar in the adress bar !! u´ll love it

modding ther compact for getting back the apple is easy - just replace the png´s - if u want to - but me i´ll stay with this theme

@dream_team - hill´s theme looking weired after fusion - i agree - but don´t know a solution - i´tried to find out where to increase the size of the bars ???

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Alright something really screwed up. I was changing the TabBrowser plugins to see which one would get rid of the Pinstripe look of the tab bar (I was using a mod by someone that makes the tabs upside down in pinstripe) and then all of a sudden, one of them screwed everything up:

http://img109.exs.cx/img109/594/safarifxtitlebar8su.jpg (This isnt the right WB theme I know)

And now I can't get it to work again, unless I click the right shortcut (dock, start menu, quicklaunch, desktop, it changes every time). WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?

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