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thanks man, sent the guy a pm, hope things work out, really want to try that app.

If you say as it is - allowed to share between member - maybe someone could send it to me by mail?

pm me if you can help, thank you :)

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Yes, if it could be optional, it would be great.(the Q about showing minimized windows in taskbar)

Options on where to stack/place the minimized windows would be awesome too.

You know like:

left: middle, top, or bottom

right middle, top, or bottom

bottom: center, left or right

Kind of like the options you get on docks.

The "Genie" effect from the OSX dock would kick ass to!

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Just thought I would post an update...

I have the core functionality working as it should. No options for customization have been implemented yet.

I am currently ironing out the kinks in the thumbnail drawing. That should be completed sometime today.

I will be beta testing over the next few days, please send a message to my AIM address (you can find it in my profile) if you wish to participate. I will ask that those who would like to beta test provide feedback (or it loses the purpose) and do not redistribute it to the public until testing is done. I take much pride in my work and don't like to distribute buggy applications to the public.

MINt is being written in c++. I havent yet decided to use GDI+ for rendering, so as of right now MINt will work on XP, will work with 99% certainty on Windows 2000, will probably work on Win9x - but no gaurantees.

For your resource nuts; I havent been able to push it over 4.5 MB 'Mem Use' and 2 MB 'VM Use'.

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