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[Release] battery (taskbar configs)


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i have no idea how 2 use samurize, but i downloaded the application and imported this config....my only question is....how do i get it in the task bar?

It loads on the screen fine, but i cant seem to get it in the taskbar like in the screenshot.

A little help


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It uses the Samurize toolbar, I would imagine.

Right click on your taskbar, choose Toolbars > Serious Samurize. Choose the config you wish to use for the toolbar.

Haven't used it myself since I don't have a laptop, but that's how my Winamp remote works and I betcha that's how this puppy works too ;)

Please correct me if I am wrong though :D

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hmmmm...okay i right clicked and selected serious samurize for the toolbar....but as far as selecting the config for the toolbar........yeah, you lost me

Whenever i select the battery config, it ususally just shows on the desktop somewhere, never on the toolbar

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