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Winamp CD Case (shows cover in a CD jewel case)

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Beta 11 didn't change the procedure to show "Options" form. So, it's not easy to understand what's going on.

However, I'd like to ask you that:

1) make a backup of your WCC skin's folder (due to your custom skins settings)

2) uninstall WCC

3) reinstall beta 10

4) tray the last beta 11 build


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Hi Carlos,

I have installed the latest version of WCC (non beta). I have the taskbar in the top of the screen. When I run WCC the cover and case are not at the same place on the screen. Is this a known problem. I hope you have a solution for this, like your program a lot.

Thanks in advance

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Hi all.

Borix, put the cover where you want, then right click --> options --> and mark "Lock Position" --> Apply --> OK

With this, run WCC the next times, the cover will be in the same position.. :)

Carlospr, a problem..

When the winamp change the song, if I am writing in a document, for example, the window of the document, lost the focus and the focus goes to the WCC...

I dont know if this is with all of the betas.

Now, i have the 201.. :)

See ya.

P.D: The progress bar works very well!! :D

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Thanks for your tip Randolf, I solved my problem after reinstalling WCC (btw i meant that cover and cdcase are not in the same position). Hoping it will stay in position :)


Still think it is a bug in the program in that i cannot properly work with a taskbar at the top of the screen. When I change WCC settings: cover, cdcase or notifier are not correct aligned GRRR


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I'd like to try to reproduce the issue but I need the following settings ("Options>General")

1) Window level

2) System tray

3) "Options>Notifier>Appearance"



What's your monitor resolution? Do you have two monitors?

Can you post a screenshot?

Anyway, you can manually adjust the cover size and position to better fit your skin: "Skin Manager>Size and position"

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Beta 11 didn't change the procedure to show "Options" form. So, it's not easy to understand what's going on.

However, I'd like to ask you that:

1) make a backup of your WCC skin's folder (due to your custom skins settings)

2) uninstall WCC

3) reinstall beta 10

4) tray the last beta 11 build


Okay, finally I got this thing working, but I'm still amused, what could be wrong?

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Attached a screenie of my problem: notice that cover, case and notifier are not alligned.

Manually correcting postions in setting still leaves notifier unalligned and clicking one time on the case messes things up again.

One LCD screen 1280x1024

Hope this helps



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WCC beta 11 build 245 (31 Jan 2006) - Pin to desktop + taskbar at top issue

- Pin to desktop + taskbar at top or bottom should work properly now

- Pint to desktop + taskbar at right or left will NOT work properly (maybe later...)

- To make things easier (for me :) ) now you can move by only clicking on the case area (not on the cover area!). I'll try to fix that when I have some time...



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Glad to know it's working!

I've working (for a long time) in a better way to show the song's info (title, artist).

However, I have some limitations to properly blend a VB6 transparent label... That's why the "offset" thing.

So I decided to make a set of letters in png format.

The result? Well I liked, but we'll lost (for now) some of the notifier features (like create a new line, show time...).

Take a look (working build for AlbumPlayer):


Since the WCC for AlbumPlayer is easy to change, I've started to work with it. But I'll also update WCC when the "engine" is ready.

So what do you think?

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Looking good Carlos! Is this a temporary solution until you can figure the blending out or will png letters be standard (would like to use non standard ascii characters :))...

PS I have no idea how Avedesk works but the way its fonts are rendered have always looked good. (thats probably of no help wahtsover but its something to aim for :))

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Guest Julieta

Hi Carlitos! the png temporary solution looks alright. Maybe the text display could have like checkboxes to enable certain features, i.e. duration, rating, etcetera. i case you do not want the rating being showed you simply uncheck the box. As zaft said, those who have problems displaying non standard characters can take an advantage of it.

One more thing Carlitos, have you seen the Toaster plug in for winamp? It renders the fonts nicely... very similar to RKLauncher, with the options to have shadows or outlines. I obtained from the winamp.com site.

Ciao ragazzo

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It'll be standard. However, I think we can make a nice set of characters.

Since it'll be png files, you can make your own set, or just edit the default ones... I'll give a link to download the PhotoShop project...

I'll make an alpha version to test... Then we'll decide what to do...

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I've seem both toaster and AveDesk.

But I'm using VB6 and I'm not able to bypass some limitations.

Even if I use some of the toaster methods (GDI+ I think) I can't blend the text properly.

I've tried many, many times. I'm not smart enough I think! :)

But I'm personally satisfied with the solution.

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Hi Carlitos

winamp cd case is really great piece of software!

I have a small bug, i was wondering if it was possible to fix it

when changing playlists while still playing a song the winamp cd case displays the cover for the 1st song in the playlist.

Is it possible for winamp cd case to detect the currently playing song from the winamp player rather than the 1st song in the playlist?

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Dark Nova,

Ok! I got it!

It's fixed. I'll just test a little more before posting an update.


Another WCC notifier preview (now WCC for Winamp):



WCC beta 11 build 248 (1st Feb 2006)

- Playlist bug fixed

- Better "prompt after" download cover (added artist and album info)

I think this is the last build of beta 11. If you find some bug don't tell me! :)


See you!

PS: To ICHIK: as far as I know WCC can't read some unicode OGG tag properly.

//Posts Merged. Please don't double post ;). -NC

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