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Winamp CD Case (shows cover in a CD jewel case)

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I get this error when loading up some mp3s. I don't think they have images in id3v2. When this error appears an image is created with the same name as the error message in that directory. Any ideas what is causing this? Thank you.

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Yes I think it might have something to do with the id3v2 tags. I recently used Album Cover Art Downloader which applied id3v2 album art covers to most of my mp3. It is only with one set of songs that I get that error. I have removed all pictures from the id3v2 of those files, but still get the error. I can send you the mp3, but first, is there any other way of removing the pictures from id3v2?

Thanks again.

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Alright Carlos.............don't hate on me but I d/l the most recent build ^^^^^^ and I thought things were gonna be back to normal b/c the first time when I opened Winamp WCC opened and closed with it but now when I open Winamp.........no WCC at all! What should I do ya think? Are my settings correctly checked? I just want my favorite app in the world to work like it did 6 months ago..............thanks for listening Carlos!

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Very strange but with last update (11b183) i got such errors all the time: "#2006-01-27 18:19:47#,"55","File already open","frmCover","SearchPatternPic","Winamp CD Case v1.0.183".

Rolled back to beta 10.

The last build didn't change this procedure.

Please, test it next time you restart your PC.

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First of all, sorry for my language, but i´m not english..

Carlospr, congratulations and thnx (many many thnx) for this wonderfull aplication.

I post for make you a suggestion.

Are there any way to select the correct cover if the WCC find a incorrected cover?

I´ve trying with a song in particular, and the WCC set the bad cover and not the good cover, with the name of artist, album and song write correctly in the tags of MP3..

And a question....... support for radio online??

WCC dont detect the album and artist with parameters %album% or %artist% or %track%, and the notifier dont show anything and the cover it in "no cover" obviously..

Thx for the possible answer and again, many thx.. :)

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You should put folder.jpg in your music folders and WCC will read from that. If you have downloaded a wrong cover and WCC is using it, delete the wrong cover from the folder and put a new one in.

Then you can right click and select "Search Cover" and it should find the correct cover now.

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About my previous question, manually work well..

Only, that its curious, that with all the names correctly, always download the incorrect cover..

About, the new beta, the progress bar, should will be between the notifier and the cover, no?:


And, a problem with the "Grow skin":


Thx for your work.. ;)

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