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Milk Suite Weather Module


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I don't know where to put this post, because I'm a ****e. Maybe you can help me with this... I downloaded the Milk Suite and activated the Weather module. Also I downloaded the new weather.2004.dll for the anoying N/A's. Everything works now, only 1 thing is still strange. When the module let me see the weather for TONIGHT then the picture is still a SUN for example. Isn't there a possibility to change this into a moon?



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not quite on topic, but where do i get the weather2004 plugin and how do i use it?

i got something calles weather 2004 from samurize.com, but i wasnt able to install it to fix the N/A's in mil suite.

can someone link me, or tell me what to do with the zip i got? (it just has a get weather location and a few ini's in it)

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