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Aqua Story 1 for Mac & PC

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Hi, I'm new. My name is Kenichi Yoshida in Japan.

I am 24 years old icon designer who loves to Apple Computer.

I have created to OS X icons based on Apple Human Interface Guidelines for software developers, web and users. I provide high quality Aqua-style application icons(128 x 128 pixels), toolbar icons(32 x 32 pixels, 24 x 24 pixels, 16 x 16 pixels), custom design elements such as buttons, tabs and other type of icons for your project.

This time, I am creating to icon set called Aqua Story. It is system replacement icon set

and high quality Aqua-style ^_^


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I've definately seen one of your work before. Shark026's got that shark icon as his avatar hasn't he? anyway, I'll be looking forward to that.

And welcome to Aquasoft mate :)

Yes, at one time I did use the shark icon as my avatar...but I went back to my old one :). Kenichi, your work is absolutely beautiful! I am looking forward to your release!

I mean Jesus...look at that G5 icon, its flawless! It makes me regret purchasing a G4 instead of the G5.

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Yea, it won't have stripes, the people voted on a realistic approach to the icons and not a cartoony one, the original Aqua Story 1 was going to be similar to Somatic, Kenichi really has some skill and I think he may soon surpass Sascha Hohne in terms of popularity and maybe even skill if he keeps improving at this rate, nice stuff my friend!

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Thanks for the comment and my first Private Message.

I had downloaded some icons from your site before. The icon of PSX is very favorite.

Wow, Do you know the Rolanberry? But I think you don't know Candyboll and Candyface icon ^_^

wait.........is it all going to have stripes in them like the preview? i don't mind but i want to know :D

duyvan82 is right. I was stolen preview icon by bad user before. Sorry, need to stripes.

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