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DesktopX 3 Released


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Long before there was ObjectDock or ObjectBar or Avedesk or Konfabulator or what have you there was DesktopX. DesktopX was one of the first programs used to transform the Windows desktop into looking a lot like other operating systems such as the Mac.

DesktopX lets users completely control what is on their desktop, how it looks, and how it functions. It does this by letting users have objects on their desktops.

Over the years, people have used DesktopX's capabilities to build their own "docks" and Mac-like desktops, finder bars, you name it. While specialized programs (such as ObjectBar for the Finder and ObjectDock/YzDock for the dock) have come out since then that do those things very well, DesktopX remains the ultimate desktop enhancement tool since it can do so many things.

For version 3 Stardock went back to the drawing board. Simplifying its user interface so that the CREATION features are separated from the USER portions. So someone who just wants to use this stuff can do so without interacting (or having to load up) the development environment.

DesktopX 3 also has a ton of new features built in for developers and users alike. A lot of time was also spent making it more robust and making usability tweaks so that the overall DesktopX experience is better for new users (this also means it includes a bunch of really high quality polished widgets).

People can export their creations to be used by other people in 3 ways -- as a desktop (if they've built a replacement desktop), as a "object pack" if it's basically a "super icon", or as a widget (if it's a mini-applet).

Widgets have become quite popular here on Aqua-Soft over the past year. DesktopX widgets go one step further than what people have seen before -- they're actually EXEs that just use the installed DesktopX to handle the drawing. This means that people can assign their widgets their own unique icons and they don't require any special memory using "environment" to be run in.

Stardock has also released DesktopX Pro. DesktopX Pro lets users export their widgets as GADGETS. These are truly stand-alone programs that will run on any Windows 2000 or Windows XP machine without any extra downloads.

Stardock hopes that DesktopX Pro will pave the way for ambitious software developers to create entirely new classes of programs. To fasciliate this, Stardock is working on a new website called DesktopGadgets.com. This website will allow developers to submit their gadgets, name their price (or make them freeware) and begin selling them.

Because DesktopX is specific to Windows, its widgets/gadgets have access to a lot more APIs since there's no least common denominator between OSes to worry about. It is Stardock's hope that much more sophisticated and useful widgets/gadgets will be made with DesktopX 3's release.

You can try DesktopX 3 out for yourself at http://www.desktopx.net







DesktopX 3

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