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Aqua on x86. And its fast!

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If you want to try out MacOS on your PC in acceptable speed:

not even think of the crappy CHerryOS, which was released last week. Try the fastest PPC-Emulator on x86 around : *PearPC!* - now in a new flavor. tasty till you drop out! The performance will blow you away!

The latest build of the opensource 'PearPC', 0.4, includes a *very, blazingly fast* G4 Altivec-Support, and is the most stable build of this program ever. Mouse-Pointer is fluid, even the dock is not choppy anymore, install time is reduced, startup is faster than on some macs, network access is perfect. Even multitasking works in a really acceptable manner, try office ot other programs, now even the G4 ones - the best opportunity for PC users always thought about switching to the mac community but didnt had enough time to check the OS out - or wait for Apples Marklar (but hell, how knows what happens, when they release panther - or do they really wait for the cell chips?)

All errors of previous builds of this incredible emulator of the ppc architecture (especially the G4-builds) are gone (for example the start-errors, the display errors). And man - its FAST. And the next build (codename winters'end) is on the horizon...

PearPC is working hard establishing an openbios-implementation in pearpc very soon, accomplishing native cd-writing, hardware-supported devices (OpenGL supported graphics on your graphics-card [accelerated quartz-extreme]; perfect sound-emulation; CD/DVD-Playback etc.) - only a few steps away. Even rumours of dynamic recompiling are heard in some forums. They are working really, really hard on that - now, that the cherryos 'competition' showed up. And they are far in the lead. When the next version appears, they should send all competitors to the moon. And we will have a fully functionable, easy to use, high-powered G4 emulator for the x86 architecture - all managed trough open source. Which means no competition to apple, they are doing apple a favour by providing x86 users with an eXPerience they'll never forget - and want to have daily. The 'real' thing. ;)

The so called 'cherry os' - a copy of an very old, badly hacked pearpc-version, wrapped in VisualBasic-Plastic, with some shreddered pieces of other Programs on top (3-4 gpl-violations so far), which supposably only run cause it uses teeth as feet, but is selled for 50$ since last week - is 15 times slower than actual PearPC-Build. And even filled with a virus. And PearPC is still getting stronger by each hour put in the development and with each new member to their community.

Once again - Check the rapidly growing PearPC-Community (thanks to the media-events by cherryos), test the new build, test a really nice, stable, clean and fast working enviroment for osx on your computer and: Support them! Developers and programmers are needed for the next, the ultimate version - they will surely have updated their pages and realigned their project in a few days - when you participate, donate, support, bugtest, bring in your experience, take over some tasks (- which they surely have clear, just sign in the developer mailinglist and participate in the forums as well as update their wikis. THey need you as you need the Aqua-eXPirience - and they delivered the (nearly) ultimate one - by their new release.

PearPC now also has an easy to use installer and helps you in every step with your configuration - your installed OSX 10.3.9 is just a few minutes away. And they'll hope - your support as well.

Download the new build:

http://prasys.skidsoftware.com/ (updated near daily, check out the file '0.4pre altived, 15.3. fastest build ever)

Check out the sites:

http://www.h80571.serverkompetenz.net/ (updated a few days ago, hopefully a wider update will come soon to accomplish a welcome for new developers)

http://pearpc.sourceforge.net/ (hopefully updated soon for the next versions and for supporting new developers...)

:) And now.... to Testing and supporting... :)

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