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Your Addictions

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So, what are you addicted to? Is there something that you want more then life itself? Or maybe you cant stop listening to a song or watching one movie over and over?

I'll start_

I'd do about anything to get a ItalDesign Cala (Lamborghini designed by ItalDesign)

And I simply can't stop listening to Around the World by ATC.

Now its your turn... :)

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If you haven't guessed yet.....the band Garbage! I have been listening to NOTHING but Garbage for the last two months to prep myself for the new album....I can't get enough of them!

I am looking forward to their new album (Bleed Like Me) which comes out April 11th (April 12th US :( ) and I am sooooooo looking forward to seeing them in Detroit on April 27th!!! Main Floor baby!!! And since I am a member of their fan club, I might get a shot to meet the band!

The only downside is that I have a final that day, so I have to talk to my professor about taking it another day...and I have one the following day but I wouldn't miss the concert for the world!

What can I say....I am a fanatic. ;)

BUY THE SINGLE EVERYONE!!! It's good ****! They are escalading up the rock charts with their new single: Why Do You Love Me!!!!!!!

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