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iclip for windows ?

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hello everybody

sorry to bother you but could you please be so kind and help me out in this... ive seen recently on some site that there is a mac program called iclip... i liked it functionaly so my question is - is there something like that for windows xp ? mac look is not necessary all i need is if there is somewhere program which is able to do something ike iclip does... thanks.

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Thanks Ghostwalker. Actually, though, I am not really interested in a clip manager at all. What I really want is just something on my desktop that looks as freakin' cool as iClip. That's why I'm interested in the resources. A great application launcher could be made with them (something iClip Lite or iClip2 or whatever can be used for, btw). I'd want to stick it on a Stefanka-like sidebar with samurize or AveDesk. Would be great too if there could be movement when the thing opens, like the burn icon used to do in old iTunes versions.

Anyway, again, if anyone can extract the images form iClip it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

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