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March 2005 Screenshots Thread


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Pulsar Silver Metal by Susumu with following personal addons/modifications:

Yztoolbar: Personal mod using Susumu's icons for Styler.

Firefox: Personal mod of Brushed Graphite (very rough at the moment)

TrueLaunchBar: Simple Thing modded.

Icons: Element suite.

Winamp: iCandy by Judge. (Now this is one old but still highly impressive Winamp skin)

ObjectDock Plus: SlimTabs (Personal, if someone likes it, I can release).

Wallpaper is hidden because its private.

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Nice one flea...where's your screenie eh?...you flash types are up your own arses ....get real!

There are some great flash sites around...I just don't like fishing around too much...these sort of vague links are bollocks...

Just my two pence chaps!

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