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Serious Samurize v1.61 Release


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Finally, another Samurize release! The most important aspects of this release are:

* The longstanding blending/antialiasing bug with text, overlapping images etc. has finally been fixed!

* Samurize now has an input system to allow more interactivity with your configs.

Big thanks to the VIPs for giving this one a thorough testing. And also big props to AdamC for his work on the input system and meter list! :beer:

Thank you to all of you who donated recently:

Passaralho, Morgon, kwickone, nibelune, Sean Franzen, kibou, tom78999, VeniVidiVici, monteis2000 ^_^

Finally, thanks a lot for you patience. We hope you enjoy this latest release! :)


* Fixed bug with script parameters being empty

* drivespace meter copy bug fixed

* 'hide' commandline arg can be used to start clients hidden

* fixed Invalid Floating Point error on Graphs when using Peak Meter

* Drivespace % bug fixed

* fixed test all scripts/plugins bug

* %m/%h date/time variables now truly 'smooth'

* %hr[r] displayed 12o'clock as 0o'clock - fixed

* fixed ICO file loading bug

* improved plugin list loading times


* upgraded graphics engine, improved blending/antialiasing effects

* Battery meters merged into one, formatting options added

* WMI namespace entry

* snap to screen edges snaps to windows taskbar

* Updated the source_configure function for plugin writers (see help file)

* Ctrl+Mousewheel changes zoom in editor

New Features:

* client fadein/fadeout

* Config Editor Meterlist

* Input SDK

Get it from the usual place: www.samurize.com

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