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iChat bubbles in Miranda!


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I have two problems. First, everything looks fine except the background is grey and I can't change it. I do not have smilyadd activated. What gives?

Secondly can it be setup or is it supposed to use each persons avatars automatically? meaning, whatever my buddy's avatar is, it should show up next to the bubble as such, right?


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Everybody keeps talking about this message log tab in Miranda, now either im being incredibly stupid or its broken though i have tried this many times and never found this tab maybe im installing one of the plugins wrong or somthing. Would someone mind giving me a detailed and easy to follow guide please.



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Ive activated the tabsrmm.dll the options that i could not find are now available but i cant find the "activate support for external log" in Message sessions/Message log. Please someone help.


p.s exuse the dual monitors it does look confusing.

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okay i followed all the steps, i put in the tabsrmm_unicode.dll file and tabsrmm_icons.dll (version 9.9.97) file into miranda's plugin file. i also put in ieview.dll (version file in miranda's plugin file as requested and provided by pe8er's two links. i even activated for support for external plugin in message log, but i dont see any difference at all. did i do something wrong?

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What we need is a 1:1 skin of ichat for Miranda..anyone have one or want to help work on one?

*cough* http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=26259&page=5

revision 0.2, 3 color variations, based on ZTL's work modified by me to be 1:1, grey background


pre 0.3(final will have all 6 original colors, any variation possible) the beginning work of changeable background colors and alpha transparent bubbles but IE7 beta is REQUIRED to be installed.



I have layered this on top of the original ichat bubbles it is a 100% 1:1 clone minice the font, I need a different lucida font vs the lucida grande. The bubble height is exact, the color is exact however IE6 & 7 slightly renders the gamma of the actual image color a lil off and even the width of the bubble would be exact if I had the right font!

Have any bugs or complaints let me know for more info visit the thread and read it all, and you'll get an idea of what's on my plate.


btw the reason IE7 is required for 0.3 is that the png images do not render with smooth edges laid on various colored background colors in IE6 but with IE7 it supports PNG alpha transparency.

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ah, well yes that would be nice too, however I am just one bubble man atm but it would be very nice indeed and it has crossed my mind many times. But I only have html experience meaning the switch to IEView was very easy, however I have not looked into the code behind clist modern skins, I assume it is xml stuff and manipulating it would be along the same lines of html sort of.

Show me a skin that looks like a good replica just lacking a few things, doesn't even have to be brushed just as long as it has the basic layout right and I might be able to work with it.

Just took a look at the code behind Vista glass, it looks very manageable, basicly the same concept as msstyle Visual themes, that I have done in the past. However the somewhat automated programs for that task made it a quicker process.

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clist modern skins are very hard to come by(especially ones ported for a mac feel)..i guess im just in love with the ichat style and unable to find one...

btw i cant wait 'till the new AIM protocol comes out for miranda so we dont have to use an avatar library and OSCAR will automatically give us the avatars for AIM clients

we also need an ichat 1:1 messege window

lets start a project...any takers?

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message window can be brushed skinned dead on already with Windowblinds 4 or 5 but not quite sure how well the window icons can be re-arranged haven't had miranda for long. Also windowblinds can skin per application, as far as I know miranda has no plugins to skin its own title and border of its message windows.

here are some ichat like skins I found and it looks like if I did some mismatching I might be able to get very close to the real ichat, dunno about 1:1 but maybe I can work miracles twice =) but not til I am done with the first one. I'm up for the challenge so count me in










It appears trillian is dead on with its layout just not brushed and Adium proves the upper area of the skin can be fixed to whatever. And the other skins proves the bottom icons can be re-arranged and sized differently so I see no reason why a 1:1 ichat brushed clone is out of Mirandas grasp.

ah feels like the old days when I went under the alias deciever and made an ichat brushed skin for trillian, not near as accurate as the new ones of today but it was as good as it got at that time.

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