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iChat bubbles in Miranda!


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Oh my oh my :o:o:o We finally got it! I'm too excited to write:


!!!!!!!!!!!CAN YOU SEE IT PEOPLE???

You need:

-Miranda 0.4 RC2;

-most recent TabsRMM http://hell.at.eu.org/forums/

-IEView plugin: http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details...iewfile&id=1788 (check this site often, it's updated almost everyday)

From IeView readme:

In order to use IEView with TabSRMM you need at least TabSRMM Moreover it is necessary

to turn on support for IEView in TabSRMM configuration.

Please go to Window Sessions -> Message Window -> Message log options page, locate and

check "Activate support for external".

25.02 UPDATE:

All code redone. Now bubbles resize horizontally, adjusting to amount of text in them. I added styles for status changes, urls and files + some other fixes.

27.02 UPDATE:

New IEView released. It supports full-working avatars now. My skin updated, cleaned up & fixed :) Avatars are now properly aligned to bottom + I added some space between messages.

DOWNLOAD IT http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/attachment....tachmentid=4997

It's just plain html and css! You can use pngs! I'm sure that my skin has some ugly bugs but whatever, IT'S WORKING :o

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Skin uploaded, check first post! It took me so long bc I had to remove that Globe, Sascha would kill me if I wouldnt :P

edit: @alex: basically, yeah. Buddy icons will be added later, perhaps. Developer (can you believe it, this guy is actually Polish hahaha) told me that he's gonna try to implement it.

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Make shure you download all the latest plugins. Tabssrm should be 9.9.5

now go into miranda options

go to message sessions> message log tab > check "activate support for external log"

Now go to message sessions> IEview Plugin in the external CCS file select pm2k5.css on your HD

then in the templates tab check the "use template based html builder checkbox, and the show time checkbox. Restart miranda and revel in the glorious light.

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its not working for me. maybe someone can explain it a bit more?

do we only link to the CSS file? or do we link to that html file somehow too?

Download IEView. Get that working. Stick those files somewhere, but make sure the directory structure is intact. Then, in the Basic tab for IE view options, select pm2k5.css as the external CSS file.

In the templates tab, select "use template-based I LOVE NC HTML Builder". Browse, and locate the pm2k5.html file.

Click apply, and you should be done. The most important thing to do is make sure the original directory structure remains intact between the css file, the html file, and the folder.

Is it working now?


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You can make the style use a different avatar per user using:

%name%.jpg (or other extenstion)

for the incoming avatars and putting a picture the same name as the contact in the image folder that you have that pointing to.

I got that from the other bubble chat style on miranda IM web site.

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