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It'd be nice if the toolbar's icons could be rearranged easily by drag-and-drop... like in Firefox. Also the tray icon really needs to be double-clickable

you can easily rearrange the order and position of the buttons by editing the toolbar.ini file in each toolbar skin's dir

as for the "expired" message, you just have to quit n restart styler to get things bak on the straight n narrow ;)

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Well i got it, try it, but had to uninstall it, and now had a new install but all i get is a stupid " Unknown error ErrNo.21345 "... gotta be my happy day...;) , could you give any help ??? Is there any reg line i should take care, to fix this??? :cool:


i dont know whats wrong with this, ive repaired, uninstalled, reinstalled but still getting errno.21345 when i start up styler

it was working before, then i was checking the colour settings, it crashed, i started it and gave me the error

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Heh not to flame your software or anything but soon with all these payware software if you add them up you will afford to buy a Mac mini :)

I'm just saying it might be an expensive business trying to mimic mac os ;)

Anyway cool stuff :)

well not really, mac mini is 500 bucks, this is 17...

i dunno what other mac emulation apps ur thinking will add up to 500

anyways emulating mac is fun :D

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This program is amazing !!! it is shapeshifter for windows !!!! wooohooooo !!! I even think that making new themes is not so hard !!! but still this piece of software is a bit pricey !!! :-P I for one may afford it but the rest of they guys over here are mainly students !!! by the way please create an account other than paypal because it does not support many countries ie UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait. worldpay or something should support them !!! we are 4 users who are very intersted but cant buy because our country (Bahrain) is not supported !!!

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