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It was good while it lasted, there could be some more features, like the features in YzShadow (To exclude some apps from the shadow) Also, it is a shame that we have to buy some plug-in to get it to work after a certain # of uses, I'd pay if I had the $...

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heheh i almost forgot to thank susumu for his fantastic work on styler so..


to use the styler toolbar buttons, just drag the theme zip files onto the styler toolbar window (just like for themes) and on ur toolbar right click>enable stylertoolbar, disable standard buttons

can u say bye bye yztoolbar + findexplorer? :cool:

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Is the toolbar function disabled in the trial version? I can't get mine to work....

Sorry for the Double-Post, try reading all the read-me's first,

To enable the Styler toolbar, right-click the explorer toolbar and select Styler Toolbar, then remove addressbar and standard buttons and whatnot and then in Styler you can hide the File, Edit Menu.

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HAHA, your people need go out and get some WORK!!!

17 dollers is nothing, ill go into wallmart right now and spend 17 like THAT! :P

Well, then go pay for my copy of Styler... like THAT!

I have a job thank you, but i have a wife and kid that need clothes, food and a roof over their heads.

I have bills to pay.. I have a car that needs gas.

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Hey this is an amazing app!!!!! :o

The searchbar in IE works good, but with google.jp so we must replace this line in toolbar.ini:


with this one:

searchURL=http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q= (for the english version)

We can also add the UP button , go to the toolbar.ini and simply paste this line:

up=up.png,270,9 (horizontal,vertical position)

Only one bad thing, i'm not sure about the shadow, it's really ugly and doesn't work with all windows/applications!

But thanks guys, really thanks for this! ;)

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