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I have a low quality graphics driver that won't support Windows FX. As a consequence I want to use Styler shadow for iTunes -- and only iTunes. For the rest I use Yz's shadow.

The question is: Is there a way to exclude programs from Styler shadow? That is, I want to exclude all apps but iTunes.


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Yes, dat's right, its bug itself...i'm using ATI 1900 XTX with a 512Meg still slow, it's working fine when i crank it up all the way.

whindering :)... is there's anyone could help me to re_edit the shadow itself lighter 'casue i have to have it all the way for it to work properly if it is posible


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This posy is regarding help needed about Styler's feature to right align the desktop icons

I have three columns of desktop icons aligned to the left (normal). I thought i'd use Styler (latest version) and check out how they looked aligned to the right but surprisingly only one column of icons displays to the extreme right of the desktop and i loose view of the other two columns and cannot access them. What's going on? Is their any setting i am missing? Any workaround ?

What is the use of such feature ?

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Everytime i exit a program such as Windows Media Center or any game all of my explorer windows look like this. Is there anyway to fix this as it never happened on my old computer.

I have the same problem ! It's very annoying me. I would like to use Styler Toolbar so much but every time I use a 3d program and switch back in the desktop , the toolbar disapear :(

I also have a nvidia card . 7900gtx

Plz someone can fix this ?


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