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Hi everyone, I know its really the 24th here for most people, but I just wanted to let you know, Styler has finally been released!!! :)

Please check it out here http://ta2027.plala.jp/Styler/index.html Please use a babelfish translation (I guess click my sig) Some themes have been released at http://susumu-express.deviantart.com or here http://ta2027.plala.jp/styler/gallery.html

This was made by ta2027 in conjunction with Susumu and myself. Please enjoy :)

Please feel free to post any comments or thoughts. I will try to reply to everything soon, but I have a tough exam tomorrow on Friday, so I won't be until then :(


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heh i juz saw the release on the styler site.. umm the translation isnt very clear..

is it a 28 day trial period? and how exactly does the "dismantling of control file" work?

does the trial version have full functionality? :D

hope aashish or susumu-san could shed some light on this.. i've been very intrigued by this app and been following it closely. ;)

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Alot of ppl are hitting the site, so please be patient. 1500 yen is about $17 dollars.

Yes 28 days is the trial period. After you make the purchase, a mail will come and you will be given clear instructions on what to do then.

There should be a gallery link to what it does so you can see it at the site. Please look ;)

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