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Search Wincustomize.com for Cuzzo (the author).

I am personally running that theme, it IS the best. It is MUCH better on the eyes then all that white Aqua stuff (gets annoying when your entire room lights up and you can swear you saw a x-ray reflection of your scull in your head off the reflection of the monitor :-).. Maybe that's just my contrast though..).

Absolutly perfect..


I see that ObjectDock screenshot has the RECYCLE bin on the one side?? Like it should be?


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Ok, doing one thing means I have to do the other at the same time... wasn't planning on doing skinnable backgrounds til next week but to do the changing of sides kinda had to do it ;) Give me a few more days to finisht that up as well as autohide and I'll get another release out.

I'd say beginning of next week. In the meantime, foreground and background skinning WILL be in there, so somebody prepare up a nice looking "iheartny.com"-style lawn dock images & stuff like that would ya? ;) hehe

FYI How it works, for each image the foreground and background, you'll have one image, which you can tell it to stretch/tile however you like. The image will then be stretched/tiled the entire width of the screen (or height if on the left or right side of the screen) and to the height (or width in that other case again) that the dock's background should be. The background that will be visible will be a sampling from the middle of that big stretched/tiled image, and if you put LeftEdge's or RightEdge's in the bitmap's description those many pixels from each of the ends of the big stetched/tiled bitmap will be capped on the left and right edges of the dock. heh i understand this might be fairly confusing at the moment, at some point i'll put together something to describe better what i'm talking about ;) Just thought I'd post that so people making up backgrounds know what's going on. That's all though, cya


BTW yes I am using cuzzo's iTunes jaguar brushed metal themes which can be found on WinCustomize... check out the ObjectBar section, it's like the 3rd or so down.


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