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[WIP] MINIUM° Doc. Remplacement


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Looks really nice, great work, great idea. I’m sure people will love that. And I’ll use it, too :)

That’s what said Sascha when he saw DOCUMiUN, i’m pretty glad about it ;)


I'm working on a Complete Documents replacement set inspired by MINIUM° from Rad-E8. Sascha Höhne is agree to let me release this set, he's pretty excited about it indeed. I try to make icons replacement for MAC OS X, including DMG, Zip files.

DOCUNiUM will include an HUGE number of icons. There is currently more than 339(last edit 02/24/05) icons made in resolution 128x128, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16.


1°)Which application will have an icon replacement?

Here the list of current application with icon replacement

All application included in MAC OS X (Adress Book, Safari, Preview, iCal, TextEdit, Quicktime, FontBook, internet connection, DMG & Zip files, Preference Panel)

•iLife application ( iTunes, iDVD, iMove HD, Garage Band)

•iWork (Keynote 2 & Pages)

All PRO application from Apple (DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Logic, Soundtrack, Shake)

•Macromedia product ( Firework, Dreamweaver and Flash)

•Adobe product (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

•Stuffit Expander






•Office 2004 ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Windows Media Player)


•Omnigroup product (Omniweb, Omnigraph, OmniOutliner)


2°) Is there Application replacement included in DOCUMiUN?

Yes, some application will have a new icon to match with documents icons, like Safari, Stuffit Expander and other suprise.

3°) When DOCUNiUM will be release?

As i've said before this set will include e huge numbers of high quality icons, so i'll try to release DOCUNiUM as soon as possible. A lot of work have been made so you can expect to see DOCUNiUM before middle of march 2005.

4°) I'm on XP, will you release a Windows version of DOCUNiUM?

Yes, i don't forget PC user, Sascha have made MINIUM° for XP so you will have a doc. replacement too, no worry.

5°) Hey, i've an application that don't appear in your listed app. Could you make document replacement for my app?

Yes maybe, i can just post the name of the application ( ONLY for MAC application)

Edit 24/02


here's new icon. You can see TexMate replacement developpend with bartelme, and Toast replacement after Sascha Höhne suggestion ;).

New icons replacement are write in italic in the list. There is now 339 icons in DOCUNiUM.

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Guest Jesus Franco

I think you made a BIG mistake.

You already did 240 icons in that amout of quality..I am assuming you bust your ass doing so. It isnt easy to make icons from a icon that isnt a template. And it came out very nice.

The problem is that after the you know what issue I dont think he will say yes. I think it would have been better for you to do about 10, show him ONLY and ask. If he says yes then go posting about it.

I think he will say no even though i do want him to say yes.

Jesus Franco*

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... If sasha doesnt give you the nod, it will be a shame but with skills like yours, i wouldnt be too upset about it personally, i would still know that good quality stuff will still be released by Rimshot ;)

Carry on with your IMPRESSIVE repertoire of graphic goodies :)

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I'd perfer the "page curls" to be more bent back, instead of bent over themselves. Other than that, this is an amazing mod you've done! Minimum is the perfect icon style that's stylish yet completely suited for productivity and functionality. I wish he'd make more icons for the set.

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