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ObjectDock Feature Requests


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My name is Keven. I'm relativly new to this forum, and I recently downloaded ObjectDock.

I don't know if the maker visits this forum, but I'd like to first thank him on the sweet @$$ job on ObjectDock! I now use it as a full-time Windows alternative along with ObjectBar.

I figured I'd like to suggest a nice new feature.

Most have noticed the traingles under some running programs- I would believe that this means there is a Menu available for that program. I'd love to see that type of menu system with the options for the program or such like in OS X. I would seriously like to see this type of menu, and I would also like to see a CLOSE selection on the pop-up menu, so I can close apps from the dock like Pop-up Ads from the Internet.

Next, I'd like to see something similar- except where you can define the same sort of pop-up menu for other icons that are NOT programs- so you can basically define more programs within menus- so the dock doesn't get that crowded (ie- you'd have a icon for games on the dock, and if you hold the icon down for whatever time pops up another menu and there you can define your stuff).

Just suggestions.. But if this does happen- I would like to see such menus have the OS X look, the aqua-backgrounds to the menus and the funky shape of the pointy bottom thing. .


that title screen for the movie shows a menu- I'd like them to look like that! You will also notice how the menu system works with that movie- I believe that with this excate form of menu behavior and system, ObjectDock would be so much closer to being a PERFECT windows taskbar replacement!!


Keven Tipping

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