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[Question] Is there a free version of DesktopX?


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Since I started using Superkaramba on Linux, I've really got into this widget thing. I'm using AveDesk on Windows now but I fancy trying some other options.

I admit I avoided DesktopX because there didn't seem to be a free version but I since read on Aero - Soft that there is a completely free no-nags version of it, is this true?

The only versions I have found are on Stardock's site it says it is a trial but doesn't say how long it lasts or anything. Also, does the trial have those nag-screens?

Im not totally against paying for software but I won't use pay/shareware if there are good free alternatives and in this case there are but I do like some of the objects/widgets etc I have seen for DX.

[Edit] Just thought I sounded a bit arsey there, it is unfair of me to totally disregard DesktopX if I have to pay when I haven't even tried any version of it yet. Apologies.

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Well I tried out DesktopX and there is indeed a free version, it is limited but the only nag screen I have encounted is when I tried loading a widget which was for the paid for version only.

I can't really decide if I like it or not though, it has some terrific widgets but I can't really do much in the way of modifying them.

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