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[WIP] Panther Accounts Control Panel

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I usually don't bother with previews of mods since I tend to finish them very quickly once I start, but this one has taken quite some time. I thought I'd share what I'm doing --

A fully functional* OSX style Account Control Panel to replace the (yet again) crappy XP version:


The screenie is roughly 2/3 of true size, and is not a photoshop mock-up -- this panel is fully functional. It is a mod of the nusrmgr.cpl file and will be available for sp1 and sp2.

This will likely take another week to finish, provided I don't get too busy on the shuffleboard court.

Another fine mod brought to you by a true aqua nut. cheers....

*pertains only to XP account control panel functions. Some OSX functions unlikely or impossible (e.g. system master password security settings, etc.)


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real good lookin , any tips on the release date ?

It's coming along right on schedule. My guess was it was going to take a week, and I think that is still accurate. Just a few more tweaks to work out and a few more graphics to recreate and it will be done. Look for it by the weekend or the start of next week.

another sneak peek:


UPDATE: I've run into a small problem that might set back the release depending how long it takes to solve. If you are good at javascript you might be able to help and speed things along. If you know javascript well GO HERE and help me out. :)

UPDATE 2-13: Problem with user picture placement has been solved. There are a number of little things to do to complete everything, including testing it thoroughly, but it will be out soon.



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