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req. cd cover config file


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This should get you a simple meter that displays a cover once downloaded. Shuey can tell you that it doesn't work for him, but I have no idea why.

- Add a new "Plugin" meter

In General Tab:

- Set Draw Type to "Image"

In Source Tab:

- Choose "AdvancedMediaPlayInfo.dll" as the plugin

- Hit the Global Settings button and fill in the following fields as shown...


COVER DIRECTORY: "c:progra~1samurizecovers"

- Replace "c:" with your own directory if different


TEXT TO SKIP FOR ALBUM SEARCH: vinyl by ahhhdonkey.com [link]

I have ONLINE TEST set to "don't test, always online" you may want to try a few different choices there


Set the Function to Run as "getAlbumCover"

In the Display Tab:

- set Path to "%v"

- set Master Alpha to "255"


If you still want a pre-made one, go to my DevArt Page and grab my skAero display. Open the config in the editor and look at everything in the config. You won't learn how to do anything if you don't take the time to just see how the editor works in pre-existing configs.

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