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[release] Sunbird Aqua

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Here is a skin for the toolbar in Sunbird, that attempts to mimic its Mac counterpart. (See Mac Sunbird screenshots here, here, and here.)


  • Quit Sunbird
  • Backup/rename your original calendar.jar file that is located in ..Sunbirdchrome to calendar.bak
  • Download this file.

  • Move file to ..Sunbirdchrome
  • Restart Sunbird

Alternatively, if you'd rather just replace the toolbar-large.png file located in calendar.jar, you can get the png file here.

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hm, I didnt know anyone used sunbird, I made a skin too, a while ago, a port of the mac skin, http://www.iconandtheblackroses.org/stuff/sunbird.png - if someone wants it, just tell me, and I'll release...

I would very much like to try your skin if you release it. I personally think that this program will be just as good as thunderbird or firefox, althought it has a long way to go. I use it regularly and it does all I need.

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What would be better than that is if Mangus would use his skills and skin the ThunderBird Calendar extension to go along with his awesome ThunderBird theme. Now that would be really cool. Plus you can link it through AveDesk just like mine is. I believe that would be the best thing. Then you would have total system intergration.

Great work, really awesome...really should be posted on Mozilla.org also. It would be an instant Fav.

I would skin myself but I don't have a clue...he,he,he.

L8tr, HaMMeR=GoM=

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btw... do you know that sunbird can be integrated in the firefox and thunderbird in the TOOLS menu? try it...

Not quite the same thing.

Sunbird is the stadalone version of the calendar extension.

Also, by using the extension, it will be skinned by whatever Fx,Tb theme you're using at the time.

Hopefully, the extension and theme managers will be integerated into Sunbird as well. This would make themeing Sunbird the same as Fx or Tb.

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the only back side of usig the ThunderBird Calendar extension is that we cant remove the toolbar like in my shot, but it's not a biggi, or, well, we can, but it will bring some backsides, hehe... but I'll give it a go...

EDIT: I did it, I made it skin the firefox extension, but I cant remove the toolbar, there is no way, so if you want the exact look, then the best is sunbird, but if you want firefox calander extension then I'll release it...

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