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Where Can I FInd these icons?

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soap - believe part of the fight club pack. ipod- ipoding in the 4th dimension

the halloween type of icons - ihttp://iconfactory.com/preview.asp?type=search&id=178&query=Dave+Brasgalla

bottom right pic - lou's aqua revamped hd and the briefcase is part of a pay icon so not for release

middle pic - the hd is gooie drive, and crate i belive from the king kong set at iconfactory.

last pic, right - all hd again lou's and crystal ball forgot

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Received! As a goodie, I should probably post the update to Apple's cityscape wallpaper! Ripped from the computer with the 30in monitor at the store! :D

Only grabbed the 2nd out of 7, but my father was impatient...

5170x3442 3.90MB

Actually has some differences from the other one!

I'll email it to people since it's too large to host for free.

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