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[release] FOOBAR columns UI iTunes Style

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sorry for the delay :o

i made this milk skin you can pick it here:


but it's a png and you must install he zlib and the libpng dll(put only the 2 dll into foobar folder)to make foobar accept the png format.

to insert more than one tab in a panel(collumns_ui)you should use panel stack,then you can display 3 tabs on one panel like in this screenshoot:


album art/album list/Track info tabs on one panel.

right click=>add tab

ps:list of avaiable panels for collumns_ui

2ndps:@WinXpro:you should use kernel streaming in order to improve sound quality (enable it in preferences=>output=>output method

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How can I force Foobar to rember and restore my last playlist tree ?? I've tryed to mark "Use Save/restore playlist" in "plalist-tree-config", but it didn'tt work! And when you try to mark "restore last playlist tree" you will have to wait very long time before foobar is loaded...

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