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ObjectDock Wish-List


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Just thought I would start a thread letting people list all their desire for object dock. I have used other programs but so far I like ObjectDock the best. It's very easy to use, very professional, and very fast. Great work Jeff. Ok so here is my "list"

1. Ability to put the dock on the left, right, bottom, or top of the screen....like Yz's Dock

2. Ability to use icons without putting them in a special folder for ObjectDock...unless this would hurt speed of the dock

3. Easy Changable Background


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~ ability to add the dock to the left and right side

~ better magnification mimicry


~ new apps will show up on the left side of the dock

~ when dragging an icon off the dock, there is the 'cancel' cursor, which shouldn't be..

~ triangles under running apps

~ show only minimized apps

~ permanent seperator, and possibly option "Add seperator here"

Thats all I can think of now..

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1) Pop-up Folders. For the love of God someone implement folders that look like the the true Jaguar dock.

2) Auto-hide

3) Left, Right, Top, Bottom docking options

4) Drop down menu for icon locations, like in Y'z

5) Yes, trash on very right of running apps while other links are on left of running apps. Possibly add option to put any icon on very right.

6) Icon spacing adjustment. Either with slider bar or options such as "loose", "moderate", "tight" and so forth.

7) Drag running apps off the dock to close them.

8) Permanent seperator and ability to add more. Just add button along with "Add system command", "Add trash", "Add clock" that says "Add seperator"

9) triangles under running apps, even if they are minimized to the system tray such as instant messaging apps.

10) not as much space on the left and right of the seperator. It's just a little too much.

12) maybe single click to open trash and double click to empty it

13) Option to not have icons bounce. I happen to like it but I know some don't

14) Plugin support so that maybe you can have an icon that shows cpu usage in real time.

15) Icon and background transparency options

16) Maybe a change poof option like on icons, so you can just have a poof folder and not have to replace it manually every time

I know I've listed a lot of things but I think they would all be nice features. I don't expect half of them to be implemented but I think in time if they were it would make ObjectDock the perfect program.

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