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[Release] AVESHELL is here!!


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As of right now, it is powered by Samurize. When AveDesk 1.2 is released along with SysStats, we should see it change.

AveShell Forums

BetaguyGZT's DevArt page

Screeshots and reading from BetaguyGZT's devart pages:

Alpha 1

Developer Release 1

Developer Preview

Neowin threads:

Developer release thread

Update thread

Aero-Soft threads:

AveShell Teaser

Alpha 1

Latest preview before release


Nody's screenshot

my screenshot with WIP Aqua skin


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I installed everything and loaded it up and was surprised but also a little lost. All the links and configs were not set up properly (my fault I know) but also none of my other startup apps loaded so I was kind left high and dry with no way to load anything up.

I'm going to set up a seperate boot for this so I can play around alot more - while still being able to use this as my main box.

The potential is amazing - I'll be happier when it is integrated with AveDesk 1.2 as I'm not a big fan of Samurize.

Great work though.

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Guest Jesus Franco

Actually this can be done using DesktopX but the full version is shareware. This is a great new idea. Im surprised Ave doesnt completely implement this into AveDesk and call it version 2.... :P

You guys rock though...I mean I have the worst timing in the world....Oh well.....plenty of these for *nix ;)

EDIT: Does this come with a Visual designer tool, or will it have one? If not is this done thru xml and xsl files or is this simply ini files? The skins look like they took alot of work. Very nice guys. Good luck.

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hehe. "you need to upgrade your brain to be capatible with this new software" what a nice joke. it has tons of potential, and i hope it will be just as powerful as litestep and hopefully more easier to customize. just remember to make it easy to use with icon packager, objectdock, windowblinds, and objectbar. that's the issue with many shell replacement programs.

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Eventually, EVERYTHING will be ported to AveDesk 1.2/SysStats 2.5. I've JUST started testing 2.5 for Judge and it promises to be everything necessary to make this work. AveDesk 1.2 is (by my guess) about midway thru the hardcore testing and ALREADY has the features to run standalone (and it runs GREAT flying solo -- resource useage still tends to be a bit naggy but Andreas is working on it). Samurize does the job but wasn't really designed for this kind of thing (kudos to NeM for making Samurize flexible enough to accomodate). Ave 1.2 and Stats 2.5 are being designed WITH shell replacement in mind.

A lot of the reported problems so far have been related to the shell swapper we're using -- something which I'm going to deal with VERY soon. Other little issues have been mainly because I have my install on the D: drive -- again, something I'll be rectifying VERY soon.

It's VERY beta -- so bear with us as the development cycle could end up reaching 6 months before we go for the official release.

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