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[Help]How you guys make CDCover work right?


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If you're talking about the CDCovers setup, it should have defaults. If not:

Edit the config, find where location of the "GetAlbumCover" meter. (It should be where the album cover will actually appear, should laso be pretty obvious on all of the configs)


-Polaroid config: the meter is right over the black area of the polaroid image.

When you find te meter, go to the "Source" tab and hit the Globa Settings button

Fill in the directory where you want to store your downloaded covers.

1. Samurize only downloads them from one location, so you don't have to worry about that. I believe the default folder location of the DLed covers is "...Samurizecovers"

2. The program does the naming and retrieving for you as it automatically downloads them.

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Thanks you two guys,i am currently usin' Foobar2000 as my primary auido player.

I've done with all the stuff sketching explained,still can't display cd covers.wonderin' how i rename the every single cover for respective Albu..i.e.say i have the calling's ablum,called TWO.hwo should i rename the CD Cover art for this album?

And another question is can it download cd covers from the web auto..ly?

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