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Samurize Clock Client


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Uh, now that the samurize site is down could you let me know how to use it caus i quickly donloaded it afew days ago and only to find that it didnt have packaged instructions, so i went back but the site was down. (and it looks like its goiing to be down for a while).

(All I get is a message saying "an error occoured, exiting..." nomater how i try and use it.)

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Launch the clock client and right click on the yellow samurize icon in the tray area(where the clock should be) then you will see the drop down menu to select a config, position, etc. The config should show up once you select one but it must be the correct size to fit the area, otherwise it will be cut off....it works with the latest version v1.60.

If you see multiple errors, try using the task manager to kill all instances of the samurize server you see running then re launch the clock client. It runs via the server but you really don't need to worry about this:p

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