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Alternative to ObjectBar?


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I searched this forum with keyword "alternative", and it didn't give me any lead on any ObjectBar alternatives.

I'm sure we got plenty of experts here who already developed OB alternatives so that we don't have to pay for OB or break the law and get a pirated one.

And I just don't know what those are.

Could anyone please give me some tips on how to find an apps that works like ObjectBar?

Thank you!

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Yes, I tried that out before. It offered the look of OS X. But the functionality and the flexibility was just off by a notch.

MacVision, the former version of ObjectBar. It is really outdated in terms of styling.

RAY Finder, a good mirror image of OB, but it only simulates OS 8. Most dissapointing thing is that the development has been halted.

None of these came really close to OB and is still up-to-date.

Oh well. I guess I'll just stick with my Windows Taskbar and Startmenu.


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Originally posted by Sputnikk@Jun 7 2003, 02:24 PM

or why not bay the object desktop pack, then u get,

if i have extra $

p.s. I was a hair away from buying WindowBlinds, then i saw uxtheme.dll.

That file saved me 20 bucks.

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hehe i've decided to stick with Start Menu and taskbar.

I've configured it so that it looks pretty and works in ways i would like it to.

I'll maybe try out ObjectBar after it gets really really stable and bugless.

On top of that, i don't like to run other programs in the background.

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Hi. Does anybody know of another program to make that OS X like bar at the top of the screen. ObjectBar is good but you can only use it for 30 days. Even if someone can give me a link to a website where I can download ObjectBar without the 30 day trial thing?

I hope someone can help me, and/or other people about this problem.



P.S. I already know about WinMac but it doesn't work well with my system for some reason...

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Originally posted by dreamz@Jul 18 2004, 04:13 PM

winmac: http://winmac.emuunlim.com/

by the way, aqua dock is a dock.  in fact, it's an illegal rip of y'z dock.


Whoa whoa whoa. Y'z Dock is the illegal program. You cannot rip something that is allready illegal. Know what i'm trying to say. It's like trying to bring back a burned DVD, that you bought on the streets of NYC, to Wallmart.

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distribution of y'z dock is prohibited, but using it is perfectly fine. support, as far as i know, is also fine.

aqua dock is illegal because it circumvents the legal restrictions that apply (e.g. it's a reshacked y'z dock that violates the legal conditions), and because it distributes "y'z dock" surreptitiously.

true, y'z dock is in a sense "illegal," but aqua dock is definitely prohibited.

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