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[question]Tiger Widgets for Konfabulator?

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i dont think there is anything wrong with talking about the program, just downloading illegal files. p2p programs themselves are not illegal, sharing is. common misconception.

anyways, it'd be neat if they were real and everything, but i doubt it. never know though. i wish i knew xml well too, or i'd be making some dashboard widgets like this! *snaps finger*

// Lou

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i make a dashboard skin for the kalculator widget and the puzzle widget. and i have tried the world clock, the dictionary, and a callender that is not half as good as ghostwalkers. i tested them from a widget developer over at konfabulators site. so they do exist, i just dont think u will be able to get them at konfabs site cuase they wont exept them due to copy right crap.

oh and u can talk about emule, kazaa, lime wire all u wont, just not illigal things u download from them. ;)

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Hey everyone, first post!

Yeah I agree, if a program or app was available that was stand alone and wasn't a skin set or theme for a program I would think that was better. Only becuase I assume that would be faster and less likely to clog up my system.

Having said that I'm very excited for some kind of release of Dashboard wigets for Konfabulator. I hope I can find it when its released. Ghostwriter, your a legend!


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These will be the first two I get done, Just have to do the dropdown menus for the font size and do a little work on the resize feature on the stickie. And then rework the menus for Translator. The only thing I didnt do was the flip but Im looking into it maybe the next version of "K".On the stickie you can set the font,font size, and change note color without goin into prefs(do it on the backside). Top right of the widget will be a close button if someone sends it to me or makes one otherwise I will do away with that feature.(thats what the black dot is)dashboard27190404copy9zm.png

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I think that it would be a good idea to put close button also on widgets, not only a preferences window. I don't know, maybe you're doin' it but anyway I'm just sayin. I think that for a few users of Aqua-soft which are from Poland, that would be good to have possibility to translate from Polish lang too. I'm not really sure about sites with translation from this lang but we have one on www.onet.pl/slowniki. Anyway, waitin for release, a great release! Keep it.

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