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[request] Transparent windows

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andrew although iBlend is able to do inactive window transparency as mentioned it is very resource hungry and there is only a single middle level between no tranparency and transparency (so the effect is not smooth but staggered).

Also bear in mind that the most recent release was more than a year ago it seems that development has stopped. If you could manage to program a little proggie that was able to fade inactive windows in and out of transparency (similar to the smoothness seen in WindowFX fade out for example) it would be widely apprecited by the community I'm sure.

It can be done with some neat hardware acceration as can be seen with the new CS:Source menu but I don't know how easy it would be to implement on a desktop. Still I hope you go ahead with trying to make something more usable everyday as I've also been looking for a similar program for some time..:)

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