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New Photo Management Website

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Hi There

I'm currently toying with the idea of creating an image uploading website, which will effectively be a free hosting package (with a certain amount of diskspace for holding images etc). You will obviously be able to pay for extra space, and more features.

I was wondering if anyone had any comments on this, what they would like to see in such as website and whether they think it is a worthwhile idea.

Currently, these are my main ideas:

> Ability to manage galleries of photos/images, upload, edit, delete etc

> Have a name and codeword for your gallery, or make it publically viewable

> Probably have space for around 100 photos for free, paying for more space

> The ability to externally link to images

> Integrating with a photo printing service

Here's an idea of the logo for the website :)


Any comments would be appreciated!

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I am not a coder so I wouldn't be able to tell you how but being able to view EXIF data would be nice, not all images would have it, only ones directly from a compliant camera, but that would be a feature that many wanabe-pros like me would like. Also make sure you pick a good photoprinting service, one that offers both "consumer printing" and "prosumer/pro" printing options, some people get picky on what paper their photos are printed on. So far good job, if this is launched I might give it a go.

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Guest Jesus Franco

I think the design is perfect. and you couldn't have picked a better language than php for this free image hosting idea... php seems to be the way most people if not all go when they offer free services since it's cheaper to host. :)

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Thanks for the comments. I do have permission for the use of the icons, I made sure of that :). I'm still working on the tabs - They are the only area I'm not happy with really.

@ Franco - PHP is the language I always use, for all my web programming. I think it's incredibly versatile, and MySQL has got to be one of the best databases out there!

The service will be free to an extent. There will be a free package, which will give you sometime like 100mb of storage space. Then, you will have to upgrade to a paid account (probably £2.49/month).

One thing I really need to get hold of are some good PHP Image Resizing scripts, for creating thumbnails of the images etc. Does anyone have any good links?

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OK - I've tried to fix the tabs - Do you think they look better now?

Thanks for the link kjwebb

I found this - http://phpthumb.sourceforge.net/, which looks good - I think I'll use that to integrate thumbnails etc into the site.

I'll keep everyone posted on progression in this thread :) - Comments are still welcome on that sample design.

Edit> New Site URL is http://www.hostmyimages.co.uk/?stay=y

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