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I have a great idea for a Finder clone!!!

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I read something on the internet that said you can create your own custom bars in explorer, like the Yahoo! explorer bar. You can create left panel, lower panel, or top panel bars all at once, or one at a time. It says you can use flash which is awesome!!! I don't know flash but I know you can do some sick stuff. I'm sure someone could figure out how to allow the bars to interact with the explorer file view. We could create our own custom back, forward, etc buttons!!! This could yet end up being the best finder clone, skinnable by Windowblinds or msstyles, objectbar menu support, and completely stable

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts

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Sounds good, but would it slow down explorer noticeably?

If people were to use this as a Finder clone, they would probably go for speed first. There are several other finder clones out there that are pretty good 1:1 matches, so an explorer finder (not one based off of, but an actual modded explorer) would have to distinguish itself in some way.


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