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December 2004 Screenshots Thread


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Well here is mine at the end of the night, everything again is modded by me (milk 2.2 by Susumu, Milk ob theme by crni) or created by me (iChat skin). I hope Susumu updates the milk VS to 2.5 ;)

Icons by Mr. Lanham (dlanham.com). Widgets from widgetgallery.com


Click for a milk mustache


Click for regular mustache

Just noticed it goes well with the forum skin too now....hehehe. TIMMMMMMMMAAAAA

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Minima Ways For December:



VS: Dumbass by Krezno

Avedesk Icons:World of Aqua by D.Brasgalla (moded by me)

Bz My Desktop Widget

Konfab widgets...

Wall: Minima ways by me (request if u want)

No taskbar ^^ it is for dummies

Playing Another Brick in the wall By Korn ( yeah i know pink floyd sounds better) but koRn is koRn 4 evr

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vs - lutetiumGUI port by one and only KoL

wp - picture by cloudcentral, bg and mod of that picture by me. gigi.

icons - globox, somatic extras

apps - y'z dock, avedesk, samurize, miranda.


can anybody expalin me? shaywood made an wallpaper(for personal use) from art of cloudcentral(that art is in his gallery) and the author is b*tching at shaywood. can anybody tell me where is the rule which denies modding of wallpapers and posting that in desktops, eh? THX A LOT [/OFFTOPIC]


Awesome desktops, people!

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