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December 2004 Screenshots Thread


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Ok here is my first for the month, still using Fear Platinum 3 ;)

Puny Thumbnail:


Jumbo Sized

Credit goes out too:

Wallpaper » Zeppelin by ~simkin

Theme » Bz port of the awesome Fear Platinum 3 for Windowblinds

Icons » "Equal" icons by glide

Avetunes » "Albumcover" skin for avetunes by nkj

Weather » Expanded Miniweather Mod for Avedesk/Sysstats by Hyral


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Theme:. Milk

Wallpaper :. Adriana Lima by Ultraman, don't ask for it please, I can't distribute it cause I din't ask permission to the author (Tyler from deviantart)

Icons :. New drivers by El pincho

Software :. Shapeshifter, Silk, Konfabulator, Adium X 0.72 mod by me

Menu Bar :. Wclock, Synergy and Butler...

This one is work safe, so enjoy...at work !!!

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