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[Release] dotWidget RC-2

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Yes, another Release Candidate - however, this one - as I see it - is representative of the final product. :P

Find it at our site in the downloads section.

And, for those who are interested, a snippet from the revision log of what's happened since RC-1...

- Released as dotWidget RC-2. (40.35)

- Tidied up panel window. (40.34)

- Fixed problems with config file when removing widgets. (40.33)

- Newly added Widgets are no longer set to 'Always On Top' by default. (40.33)

- CTRL+F9 now forces all Widgets to the foreground. (40.33)

- Widget.GetSetting() now looks in widget's local [config] section if the specified entry isn't found in the global config. (40.33)

- More code tidying up. (40.33)

- Loaded widgets are no longer referenced by an absolute path; instead just the folder name is used; dotWidget automatically constructs the correct path and filename during startup. (40.32)

- Major overhaul to per-instance settings (and configuration file in general).

Instance settings are now stored in dotWidget.conf rather than in each widget's own configuration file, greatly simplifying the behind-the-scenes code and making widgets more portable in one go. (40.32)

- Added a number of internal-use-only properties to the Widget object and tidied up a lot of global stuff. (40.32)

- Added internal Widget property - SupportsAbout - which simply tests the

loaded script for a Widget_About() procedure. This property is checked when the widget's menu is about to appear on-screen; if the property returns False the 'About [widget]...' menu item is not added. (40.32)

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