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[Release]3 Regnessem skins

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hi, aqua-softian. finally release time has come.

this time, i released 3 Regnessem themes oh yeah.

1. Panther Aqua / Graphite (called AquaChat AV)

2. SmoothStripes BrushedKiller (3 color variations)

3. Black Alloy (Makki's Aluminum Alloy Mod)

Of course, i got permission from they are.

therefore, this release is under permission by Max rudberg & Makki.

thank you very much.

Panther Aqua / Graphite

preview & download

SmoothStripes BrushedKiller

preview & download

Black Alloy

preview & download

enjoy regnessem.

ha~~...i'm very tired hehehe.

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Hey, I installed your skins but I don't have message window background like on your screenshot. Could you tell me how to enable it and show examples of your message styles and headers?

I am changing the background color by the form tool bar.

message styles are avatar things?

SimpleUI.DLL is controlling the chat window etc.

chat window interface is a SimpleUI.DLL(mine is nightly build version)

menu text of main window & chat window can be hidden.

how to hide menu text,

right click the titlebar part.

so, contextmenu will come out.

it will be OK. it Select "main menu hide" from there.

Aashish, please help me :(

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First off, Rotten these are awesome!!!

lol, sorry I'm late I just woke up :P. Here is an easy way. You have to make the avatar image mind you, or any avatar image you want. So for you satin message style you will have to make it, along with your name and anyone elses name in it. So go to your regenessem folder in your program files, then click on plugins, then on simple ui, then go to skins, and then there will be a folder called default. Go into that folder, and doulbe click on the replace.txt. Now to add any image for an avatar it must be a .bmp file. At the bottom of all the text add this for your avatar [email protected] "E:Aqua (the e-mail address should be your own one, not [email protected]).

To change the color background, just open up a new chat window, and make sure you didn't hide the main menus. Go to tools, and uncheck hide style bar. When this bar shows, it has a option that looks like fill from paint. Click on this and set a color to your liking. BTW Pe8er I added you, incase you don't understand what I say.

Also @Rotten maybe you should attach the .bmp style message thingy for people.

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