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[Release] Bz Fear Platinum for WB... but with extras :)

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Fear Platinum For Windows

by Bzeitler


OSX theme by joE950 Ported to WindowBlinds by Bzeitler

Thanks to joE950 for letting me do this port.

Thanks to eldy for helping me catch some bugs. Also thanks to eldy for the start menu log off buttons.. they look great.

Thanks to Ave for creating such great skinnable apps, in this pack I have included skins for the Ave Apps and AveTunes.

Okay... this zip contains multiple items.

1. Windowblinds Skin with 4 substyles

2. Ave Preview Skin

3. Ave FontBook Skin

4. Ave Icon Book Skin

5. 3 Avetunes Skins

6. Wallpaper by Seph (Egode-Gray)

7. Looca skin for Pantoni's Great Finder Clone

Check the read me for more information on where to put all these files :)

Also be sure to check out Eldy's and Megumi's great firefox theme!

Preview Shots Here:

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Preview 4


Get Fear Platinum 3

Hope you Enjoy.. a few notes.. There is a bug with the preferences window tab frames. For some reason the white and grey striped tab border wants to overlapp the frame making things look crummy. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know so I can do so.

Also the avetunes skin has some hidden functions. Clicking the left bottom corner toggles the skin background when in collapsed mode. The top right and left corners work as prev/next buttons and the upper half of the display pane works as the pause button. THe lower half of the display pane will close the drawer if it is open or if the drawer is closed it will toggle album art/info view.

okay... now go and ENJOY :)

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