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[preview] FlyakiteOSX v1.0

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First off if you have ANY interest in the Flyakite transformation packs what-so-ever please read this entire first post because what I am about to do will require some help from the community.

Okay so many of you are probably thinking "FlyakiteOSX? What happened to SP1 and SP2?".

Well here's the deal. Some of you know I have been planning a new version of both series for this December. However, I've been giving it a LOT of thought lately, and after some help from my good friend XalCore and a resounding agreement from theunknown, this is what we have come up with:


The current packages are service pack dependent. Meaning you have to have either SP1 or SP2 and use the right pack. It also requires to have everything updated from Windows Update, etc. It also means if an international user installs the system files normally (opposed to extracting and using batchmod), he ends up with english files on his system, and most of the regular dialogs and text are now all english.


The new way will have one package possibly titled FlyakiteOSX (unless anyone can come up with another name still involving the word Flyakite). It will also not include any physical system files. Instead, I will use Restorator to make a ResPatch that contains only what has been moddified in a file. This patch is then applied to the file on the users computer, and now that user has their same original file with new icons, AVIs, BMPs, etc.


Using a patch instead of a file has enormous upsides. It first makes the need for specific file versions unneccessary. It can be applied on XP Home, Pro, SP1, SP2, non SP, Windows 2003, and any language version available. It will cut down on the size of the installer. Also it can be reapplied multiple times. If you visit Windows Update and a lot of your icons change back, just reinstall the pack, and viola, the new files with the os x icons again! Not to mention, now for those of you who still want to extract the files, because you only want to install say one dll, you can apply the ResPatch for that file, with no need to worry about using BatchMod or Replacer! Then comes MODULARITY (read below)


The main pack is going to be just like the current packs, but with NO modded dialogs or strings etc. However, there will be two additional addons at time of release, called FlyaPacks (thanks to XalCore for the name). One will be a pack for moddified text strings, another for moddified dialogs. This allows international users to install the main pack and have ALL of their text be in THEIR Language, then if they want, at their choice they can install the addon and will get the new stuff like strings and dialogs, with some text being now in English. It also allows those of you who don't like the strings being changed in context menus etc, to keep it the default XP way. And these packs will be much smaller downloads compared with the main pack.


For the user, there is no downside. The real downside is only on my end. This new method requires a TON of installer code rewriting as well as a lot of extra work and an abundance of testing due to the new methods being used. Not to mention everything has to be more than perfect the first time around since big updates will be less frequent.


1) DEDICATED mirrors for the FlyaPacks. Dedicated means you aren't going to pull the download on me after a few months and never host it again. The installer will, if I have dedicated mirrors, be designed to allow you to download the addons from within the installer and it will automatically choose a mirror to download from. This means the mirrors need to stay constant so that the installer can properly download the add ons.

2) Ideas. If you've ever disliked something in the flyakite packages, wanted something added/changed etc, now is the time to speak up. Want an Object Bar/Firefox/etc. etc. theme included? Well if you know of a good one, give me a link to a thread with what you want added and if possible the authors forum name so I can contact them.

===================== Translation Update:

Polish: daviddalion & Pe8er

Italian: altoprofilo

French: bondjames


Russian: Strange_Fish

Spanish: Seph

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hmm, sounds very interesting chris. gonna be a ***** for u but i think it might be the way to go. *thumbs up*

Yes, it's going to be a lot of work for FlyakiteOSX to be made - especially with two FlyaPacks - but in the long term it's actually going to mean a lot less work as fewer updates will be required. Plus any updates that are made can be released as very small FlyaPacks instead of users having to re-download the entire installation program.

Flyapacks will be great because they add a lot more choice for users - just select one to add a feature and away you go. You get to customize your system the way you want! :)

One of the problems I found when testing the latest SP1 pack that Chris made was that (prior to release) he'd updated his computer at WindowsUpdate, modded the files, then I updated and when I tried to install the new files - they were incompatible. That's because Microsoft overnight had added a new update to WindowsUpdate.

With this revolutionary new way of creating this modification, problems like that will be a thing of the past. Whereas a long time ago, incorrect file versions caused conflicts, Chris was able to come up with a way to check file versions and only replace files if the version numbers matched. Now, file versions are irrelevant! :D

This basically means that modding will be faster, simpler, safer and more compatible than ever before!

It's gonna be good.... ;)

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I can include anything anyone wants that is remotely related to OS X as long as I can contact the author and obtain permissions. So yeah.

Ask and ye shall receive.

(On a side note, I'm giving up getting Half-Life 2 until Christmas partly because of these system files, and anyone who currently has Half-Life 2 and is enjoying it, I hate you :P )

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ROCK ON! fantastic idea. multilingual sysfiles = :thumbsup:

you'll certainly get all the various support you need here.

in terms of stable mirrors, i'm sure shak at aquaxp or the stylesuites boys, maybe alang at osx-e or timan here, too, would be willing to offer long-term mirrors. those are certainly among the most stable (and generous) hosts in this community. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho!

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Is it true???

That's the best thing I've ever heard on any Aqua related forum....

This sounds like a dream...

Is it really real?

You can bet your ass it's real!!! :D

Well, it's not real yet in terms of existance.... but it's gonna be.... and it's going to be one hell of a project! :cool:

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Yes, flyakite, I agree this is a good idea. However, in terms of problems, your SP packs have none, I guess they're just less efficient (in your opinion, and I guess I'd have to agree).

You know, this sounds vaguely like my idea of mixing Flyakite and Batchmod :).

So, basically, only do this if you really want to (and you like being worshiped).

I'll come up with a name right away...

Seriously, though, thank you. I really can't say it enough.


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new programs just released tend to have buggs in them. hope there won't be problems on what you are working on.

Flyakite is very thorough - I trust his work more than any other system file modder to be honest. And I too will be working with Flyakite and testing these files to ensure that everything's working prior to release.

You can be guaranteed that these will be safe, fully working, and will blow your mind away more than any stick of dynamite ever could!!! ;)

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Idea's good, though it's pretty hard for me to imagine the automated system files patching process with ResPatchers.

That's because it doesn't work by ResPatchers alone. FlyakiteSP1 and FlyakiteSP2 both use installers coded by Flyakite to install the files. FlyakiteOSX will use a similar installation method - though the installer has had to be rewritten to allow for the use of Flyapacks.

Just be patient and all will become clear in due time. :) Flyakite is even anticipating that although this was going to be a New Years release, he may even be able to push it forward for a christmas release ;)

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