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[release] Konfabulator win2osx mod by Kimba


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Awesome, Muchas Gracias (Domo Arigato) I dunno what your nationality is but thanks!

EDIT: Muchas Gracias (I see you're a member of MacThink!) BTW, the mod works perfectamente and is superb, Gracias and you deserve some Culooooooooo for this ;)

EDIT 2: Mi madre era de Mexico tambien! Pero no se de donde en mexico

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Topic title fixed.

@pcw: Kimab probably replaced icons with ones that contain all possible sizes (from 16x16 up to 128x128) which makes their sizes really and uselessly big.

@Hobbes: do you really need a screenie of Konfabulator icons changed to mac ones? It's pretty easy to imagine IMO ;)

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There's really nothing to fear about this mod, guys (besides, if you're worried about losing the main app, just rename it to something like "Konfabulator.exe_original" before replacing it so you have something to fall back on).

I just have one question, which of these two icons does OSX use for the main app?:


Thank you, Kimba!


BTW, for those of you who have read my other post about being somewhat dissatisfied with Konfab, I've decided to give it another try by running it from my RAM disk... but as always, love to AveDesk.

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Hey, you all are welcome =)

Here are a screenie =)


BTW, the mod doesn't contain any kind of virus, spyware, adware etc..., the size of the file is bigger cause it contain all the resolutions of the icons (16x16...128x128).


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Hmmm... but what if I need to go back to the original icons? Does the installation program back up the original files?

mmmmmmmm, I really dont think you will need the original icons, but in case, make yourself a backup of the original icons before the replacement of them. (the program its a simple sfx made with winrar, not an installator).

Thanks for your comments PPL =)


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